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Your Door To The Metaverse


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PixEarth is a Decentralized Community-Driven Metaverse currently under development.
The game allows users to take part in different communities, interact with player-made creations, and freely create, then monetize NFT assets and gaming experiences on the Ethereum Blockchain.
This is your chance to be part of a web3-enabled and interoperable metaverse, powered by Unreal Engine 5, with MMORPG game mechanics.
Simply put, PixEarth is an RPG game where different communities play together in real time, in an ever-expanding metaverse, wether you have an NFT Collection or not.
Our Dream is to expand the adoption of NFTs and Metaverse experiences to Any Active Community. We know not all NFT communities will have access to their own Metaverse experience, and we know most non-NFT communities will not have access to NFTs and Metaverse experiences. We believe that by exposing communities to these experiences and with proper education, we can expand the adoption one community at a time.


To The Metaverse

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We believe the metaverse should be a decentralized connected web of interoperable worlds and the new standard for communicating and expressing yourself. The metaverse needs to be controlled by the creators of every community and accessed through free and open tools.
True Ownership of digital items only comes through mass adoption of NFTs and web3-enabled games, that’s why we want to give NFT and non-NFT communities a chance to transcend into the Metaverse.

These are the communities with whom we’ve partnered to build the first active communities and experiences:

Bees Social

Bees Social empowers and educates people about Crypto. For every Bee that was minted in their NFT collection, an extra Bee was minted as a gift for anyone in rural areas of the world. The only task in exchange for the NFT is to educate themselves about Crypto, NFT's and blockchain technologies, by becoming part of the community and their events.

Anime Limited

Anime Limited aims to empower artists all over the world by providing a place for opportunities, founding, pitching and creation of new ideas around anime, animation, digital art, etc.

Mofo Goats

The Mofo Goats DAO is an Entertainment production company without borders producing music, movies and metaverse experiences, the decentralized organization is made up of creatives who produce media. DAOs have the potential to be a superior mode of organization by orders of magnitude. We use NFT technology to raise funds and distribute funds in ways previously not possible.

I Want Access

An Epic Fantasy

"A survival MMORPG inspired by the anime series Dr. Stone and Attack on Titan, with hints of the games Age of Empires and Conan Exiles."