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PixEarth Gameplay


The initial idea of PixEarth came from a brainstorming session. We were talking about the story of an interesting game we could build for our community.

The gameplay was inspired by anime series and experience with different games. The last iteration of PixEarth can be easily defined as a survival MMORPG. Hugo Olivares, one of the founders of PixEarth, has two kids, and saw how Minecraft was a favorite for kids, despite the lack of a “story and direction”.

“I was never a fan of Minecraft. It was until I played Conan Exiles that I actually understood why kids like Minecraft. Conan Exiles is like Minecraft for adults, with good graphics. Despite having almost zero direction, if you get the hang of the game and you like the survival aspect of it, you get hooked evolving your character.” – Hugo Olivares

Conan Exiles was a great inspiration for PixEarth. Mix the concept of Conan Exiles with the anime series Dr. Stone and you have a recipe for disaster. While we understand the fact of keeping things simple, we wanted to take crafting a step further and add actual science, chemistry, and physics to build and craft objects.

Since the game is community-based, we took some ideas from Age of Empires – like having a town hall and other buildings that allows your “Community” to make upgrades and advance in eras through research and community effort.

Upgrades make much more sense when you have a reason to do them. This is where we bring some inspiration from the anime series Attack on Titan. Your community will get attacked by giants – so you better come together as a community to keep your walls, defenses, and buildings strong.

“I thought that the Attack on Titan idea was exactly what we needed for a community to come together. You’re gonna need a lot of resources in order to build a huge wall, defenses, and upgrade your buildings through research.” – Hugo Olivares

And while you’re helping your community, you’re also following the story of the game and doing quests to reach higher levels. Just remember to always go out with a party and bring a healer or two so you don’t die in the process.

Heroes for everyone


All the communities have their own heroes that fought during the Chupacabras war.

The Spanish-speaking Mofo Goats community were the first to see the chupacabras, therefore the name “Chupacabras” means “Goat killers/Goat eaters” in Spanish.

Initially, goats weren’t prepared for war.

Most of them were performers, artists, musicians, and producers and created most of the entertainment in PixEarth.

They had no other option but to move to the mountains to protect themselves from the Chupacabras.

Nearby the Far Mountain lived the Waifus from the Anime Limited low-poly land.

The Waifus Community is a girls-only world, with a giant army of ninjas. They soon started collaborating…




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