Major serves as The Mayor of all the PixEarth communities. He is the utmost authority in every community. His word is law. He is a fair mind who is always ready to guide and direct travelers to interesting quests and works to help the communities. He is surrounded by mystery and only few have had the luxury of seeing him in real life. He manages his daily business through blurred screens or vague holograms, regardless he is respected by all for he has always been just.


AboutPixearth Guardians

The first time users transcend to the digital realm of PixEarth their memories, abilities, and knowledge are scanned. After that, they are granted with one of 5 classes in PixEarth.

The Guardian class is very helpful to a party in end game content. In the MMORPG aspect of the game, they are created to protect their party. They use heavy armor, a close combat style, have the highest Health Points from all classes and their skills rely on buffs and taunts.

Most of the Guardians were successful merchants and business owners in the real world. They really enjoy serving and helping people, and they were constantly innovating to get ahead from the ever-changing e-commerce world.



All Ancient Apprentice Grand Master Master

AboutAncient Pixters

Ancient is the rank given to the most knowledgeable and experienced Pixters in the world of PixEarth. Ancient Pixters are considered as the most powerful creatures in PixEarth because of the amount of Ether they can channel. Ancients command so much Ether energy that their bodies change and start showing lines of Ether energy, the color of their eyes also change and they need to use artifacts in the hair so it weighed down. If Ancients don't use artifacts in the hair, it moves as if they were submerged in water because of the ether energy.

Ancients need to use lighter armors to use the ether energy without restrictions. Ancient Pixters bodies harden and become fountains of heat because of all the ether energy they have mastered.

They are known as heroes within their own communities. Their power can only be matched by other ancient Pixters and they protect the PixEarth world from the menaces that were introduced by the Bios hacking PixEarth and introducing danger to this peaceful world.