Major serves as The Mayor of all the PixEarth communities. He is the utmost authority in every community. His word is law. He is a fair mind who is always ready to guide and direct travelers to interesting quests and works to help the communities. He is surrounded by mystery and only few have had the luxury of seeing him in real life. He manages his daily business through blurred screens or vague holograms, regardless he is respected by all for he has always been just.


AboutPixearth Villagers

The first time users transcend to the digital realm of PixEarth their memories, abilities and knowledge are scanned. After that, they are granted with one of 5 classes in PixEarth.

The Villager class is the most complex of them all. This is the type of class that makes a city thrive with different builds and tasks depending on the skills of the users. Most of the villagers were successful merchants and business owners in the real world. They really enjoyed serving and helping people, and they were constantly innovating to get ahead from the everchanging e-commerce world.

While this is the the only class with specific sub-classes depending on the users skills, it's also the only class that provides a temporary access to PixEarth for all the users that are not ready to migrate their conscience completely to the digital realm, giving them the status of civilians.

Smith: An expert engineer that dedicates its life to creating weapons out of numerous materials form all around Pixearth. Their expertise when it comes to explosives, electrical and fire weapons is unparalleled.

Armorer: An indispensable in your life is survival is in your interest. The armor they provide will prove itself invaluable in every adventure. And will make you quite fashionable.

Shaman/ Jeweler: Masters of ancient and misunderstood technologies, they offer a variety of eccentric trinkets and peculiar curiosities to the unexpected buyer.

Civilians: Civilians are indispensable for societies to thrive. Keeping the cities and businesses alive, they make their best to live easy going life’s.



All Ancient Apprentice Grand Master Master

AboutApprentice Pixters

This is the rank that is given to all the Pixters as soon as they start their mastery quest. All apprentice Pixters take classes in Pixalia, an island close to Pixter City. Independent of their classes, all apprentice Pixters learn the basics of what is expected from a Pixter, the type of Pixters that exist and how they can work together in synergy between each other.

Apprenticeship last for 1 year, and during this time, most Pixters form great friendships. They must part ways with other classes for 7 years, until they take the Death Woods trial to graduate from Grand Master together.