Jazy worked together with Mistis when he was appointed Vice Minister of the World Congress. She was the first assistant of the Cyber Delinquency Minister. Being 15 years younger than Mistis she was influenced by his anarchist point of views of the Government and she was a key piece in the resistance.

When the diplomatic meetings between the Bios and the PixEarth council ended in bad terms for the Bios, she immediately knew what she had to do. She provided the Bios with critical security information to hack the PixEarth energy points.

She has a love/hate relationship with Mistis because she always expected his recognition and admiration for everything she gave up and risked for him. Yet, knowing Mistis excels in intelligence, strategy and charisma, she can't shake the feeling that Mistis always knew she was the piece he had to influence to tip the balance in his favor. This feeling hasn't been confirmed or denied by Mistis during any of the conversations they had.


AboutThe Bios

Bios are not considered Pixters because the only way a Bios can access PixEarth is by hacking any of the 12 secure energy points located in Earth. When they enter PixEarth, they are considered as a glitch in the system. Only bios with a strong character, usually leaders in earth have unique features. The rest appear as a glitched version of another Pixter.

Because some Bios are a glitched version of powerful Pixters they have a lot of ether power. However they can't control the ether power as good and they usually end up dispersing it in the form of darkness in PixEarth.



All Ancient Apprentice Grand Master Master