Lum was the head of the hidden Tibetan Monks in the Himalayas and a powerful one. His spiritual connection to the world allowed him to see the 12 energy points that made PixEarth from distance. He became aware that a lot of the life energy that was in the world was leaving it to be part of a negative form of energy.

Vajrayāna, Śrāvakayāna and Mahāyāna scriptures all talk about the routes of enlightment and none of them considered the transference of consciousness to a digital realm. He decided to stand against this movement and heard about the Bios. He quickly traveled to the Energy Point located in what was known as Tuva when countries existed. No one knows how, but he was able to access PixEarth as a Bios and he is one of the strongest Bios that exists.

His radical point of views about life, good or bad, morality and enlightenment make him really hard to predict. Even Mistis fear him because of the large amount of Ether energy he commands and also because he never knows what Lum is thinking and the extent of his abilities. There are many stories around how Lum was able to access PixEarth and no one knows if the abilities other people say he has shown are a myth or reality.


AboutThe Bios

Bios are not considered Pixters because the only way a Bios can access PixEarth is by hacking any of the 12 secure energy points located in Earth. When they enter PixEarth, they are considered as a glitch in the system. Only bios with a strong character, usually leaders in earth have unique features. The rest appear as a glitched version of another Pixter.

Because some Bios are a glitched version of powerful Pixters they have a lot of ether power. However they can't control the ether power as good and they usually end up dispersing it in the form of darkness in PixEarth.



All Ancient Apprentice Grand Master Master