Mistis comes from the slums of Qhipa pacha llaqta, the capital of the world located 50 miles from one of the most important energetic points in the area of ​​what was once Peru. He has been an orphan since he was 8 years old after his family, who were part of the resistance against the global government, disappeared. He was always known for his intelligence and strategic gifts, and he managed to become Vice Minister of the World Congress that started The Blockchain project. His anarchist views were always suspicious, since he always sought to have influence in each of the portals.


AboutThe Bios

Bios are not considered Pixters because the only way a Bios can access PixEarth is by hacking any of the 12 secure energy points located in Earth. When they enter PixEarth, they are considered as a glitch in the system. Only bios with a strong character, usually leaders in earth have unique features. The rest appear as a glitched version of another Pixter.

Because some Bios are a glitched version of powerful Pixters they have a lot of ether power. However they can't control the ether power as good and they usually end up dispersing it in the form of darkness in PixEarth.