Ashanti was born in one of the hardest times in earth - when earth was facing extinction because most natural resources were almost gone or polluted. She quickly became interested in nature and how to restore it. She developed a great connection with all the earth elements and nature since she was young. She noticed and studied the law of vibration - the law that dictates that everything is in a constant vibration and never in a still state - and that the vibration of nature was perfect. That moved her to study biology and later Ashanti became a Doctor and expert in nanotechnology and medicine.

Ashanti guided the most innovative and successful efforts to restore earth and natural resources to a clean state, and she also helped find a solution to restore Earth's ozone layer. Having all this knowledge and realizing she was running out of time in earth, she decided to migrate her conscience to PixEarth.

Ashanti continued her studies of the digital world and resources and discovered that what Aristotle named Ether in the real world to describe the propagation of light in an "Empty" space was happening in PixEarth to control the propagation of energy and data in space. After studying Ether, she noticed it could be controlled at will. After years of studying perfecting the use of Ether and the techniques it could allow other Ancient classes to use, she opened the "Etherealists Academy" and named it Λύκειον (Lyceum) in honor to Aristotle, and allowed anyone who wanted to do good for nature and PixEarth to learn how to control the ether.


AboutGrand Masters

Grand Master is the rank given to the Pixters that have successfully completed their 5 year training in the Elite program of their respective communities.

Grand Masters already show changes in their bodies. You can clearly see thin lines of Ether power but they still don't command enough power for their eyes to change. They do however start requiring a lighter armor because of the heat they produce and their skin is already hardened.

Grand Master Mages complete their Elite training at the "Etherealists Academy" named Λύκειον (Lyceum).
Grand Master Healers complete their training at the Psawbone community and are connected to "The Healer" only after they complete the Elite Training.
Grand Master Patrols complete their training at the Elite Combat Square Garden located in the center of the Abandoned Ruins south of Pixearth.
Grand Master Hunters complete their training in the middle Pixearth Giant Jungle.
Grand Master Villagers complete their training in the Elite Workshops center located in the middle of the Pixearth city.



All Ancient Apprentice Grand Master Master