Haaziq, also known as “The oracle” inside the pSawbone community, according to leaked information, is the ultimate guardian of “The Healer” and acts as the endmost authority of the pSawbones. He is the master surgeon that is responsible for the invasive connection and transmission of knowledge into new members.

Once a pSawbone has graduated, it dedicates its life to sharing the benefits of medical science with all living forms. Giving priority to those in need and those whose ideals coincide with the teachings of “The Healer”. One can identify a pSawbone by their characteristic tunic, by being barefoot and lack of a sense of humor.

A pSawbone is one of the most valuable assets in a team of explorers. If you happen to know one, you should already consider yourself lucky, since they are experts in a long forgotten area of knowledge that is limited to a select few and are ideal for both a defensive or offensive strategy, making them extremely valuable when it comes to combat. They are not to be underestimated… seriously.


AboutThe Psawbone Community

When overwhelming destructive powers, that would bring imminent death was soon to arrive, the last great minds; biologists, physicists, chemists, philosophers, medical engineers and physicians among other specialists, decided to put aside their personal differences and agenda in order for their collective medical knowledge to be preserved.

To achieve what they believed was their destiny (what we now know was a desperate attempt), they joined forces and created an anonymous society that would come to be known as “The pSawbones”.

They created a complex computer system that would absorb their knowledge, thoughts and complex personalities along with their memories. They called this system “The Healer” - and with it came the promise of eternity of thought through blockchain technology.

Nowadays to become a pSawbone, one has to commit itself to a challenging way of life, pass numerous, arduous and perilous tests to prove themselves worthy. A pSawbone has to demonstrate themselves as a true intellectual, critic, selfless, empathic and self-sacrificing being, to earn the honor of such title. Only 10 out of 369 students will achieve this glory and sadly there is a high percentage of fatalities.

Once an apprentice has passed its last trial, they are submitted to an invasive connection where their brain is connected to “The Healer”, linking them to prodigious and astronomical amounts of medical information that will make them part of the greatest healers of the known universe.

Any attempts to replicate this ceremony outside the pSawbone community will end up in failed attempts. Secondary symptoms of a failed attempt can result in nausea, vertigo, convulsions, dementia, different levels of paralysis, death and/or a slight pain in the neck.



All Ancient Apprentice Grand Master Master

AboutGrand Master Pixters

Grand Master is the rank given to the Pixters that have successfully completed their 5 year training in the Elite program of their respective communities.

Grand Masters already show changes in their bodies. You can clearly see thin lines of Ether power but they still don't command enough power for their eyes to change. They do however start requiring a lighter armor because of the heat they produce and their skin is already hardened.

Grand Master Mages complete their Elite training at the "Etherealists Academy" named Λύκειον (Lyceum).
Grand Master Healers complete their training at the Psawbone community and are connected to "The Healer" only after they complete the Elite Training.
Grand Master Patrols complete their training at the Elite Combat Square Garden located in the center of the Abandoned Ruins south of Pixearth.
Grand Master Hunters complete their training in the middle Pixearth Giant Jungle.
Grand Master Villagers complete their training in the Elite Workshops center located in the middle of the Pixearth city.