Uma is the leading pPatrol. Daughter of Mistis, although she does not know it. In the early days of PixEarth, there was a clone program to test PixEarth on the testnet. The Mistis clone was one of the most inexplicable rarities since although it preserved all the psychological and spiritual qualities, it’s body was feminine. Uma is the daughter of Mistis and his own clone. Mistis lost this memory after a projectile went through his brain.


AboutGrand Master Pixters

Grand Master is the rank given to the Pixters that have successfully completed their 5 year training in the Elite program of their respective communities.

Grand Masters already show changes in their bodies. You can clearly see thin lines of Ether power but they still don't command enough power for their eyes to change. They do however start requiring a lighter armor because of the heat they produce and their skin is already hardened.

Grand Master Mages complete their Elite training at the "Etherealists Academy" named Λύκειον (Lyceum).
Grand Master Healers complete their training at the Psawbone community and are connected to "The Healer" only after they complete the Elite Training.
Grand Master Patrols complete their training at the Elite Combat Square Garden located in the center of the Abandoned Ruins south of Pixearth.
Grand Master Hunters complete their training in the middle Pixearth Giant Jungle.
Grand Master Villagers complete their training in the Elite Workshops center located in the middle of the Pixearth city.



All Ancient Apprentice Grand Master Master