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A MAD Foundation For Everyone

PixEarth is a Metaverse currently under development in Unreal Engine 5, the flagship engine today for games.

When we say “currently under development” it doesn’t mean we are sitting in the street with an idea on our heads. There are great things we have already accomplished.

We have said this in different AMAs and shows: “Great tech takes time”- We always believed that in order to allow different communities to have fun in an ever-expanding world, a crazy good foundation and a mad amount of work was required. And heck yes, we are mad and crazy and that’s why we got this far:

Among all the great stuff we have, we believe the Innovative Iterative Design Combat System we have is a key player for the communities in PixEarth. This system is based on Data Tables (think of it as a spreadsheet) that allow us to chain skills, design passive skills based on different triggers, design new skills, choose the animations that go with the skill. You can choose to do damage, create offense or defense buffs, heal, do area damage, and scale all based on modifiers and player level, in a way that won’t require a kidney in coding costs.

These skills can either be enabled for all classes and characters or reserved for specific classes and/or equipped based on the combat items you currently are wearing in your main hand.

What this means for any community is that if you want to go through the process of designing skills that are different from the ones being used by other communities, it can be done. These skills can be made available only for their community avatars or classes, or items being used.

The combat system allows for Buff Skills, Defensive Skills, Offensive Skills, Healing Skills, Debuffing Skills, Passive Skills, AoE Skills, Damage Over Time Skills, and Chainable skills.

Among the passive skills, there can be triggerable actions like Hit, Block, Crit, Parry, Dodge, and Consume x% of x Resource.

Lots of info and this is just the Combat System.


Combat System

TL;DR - We have a great system so you can fight yourself to death with your friends. If you can think of an attack combination, it can be done.


For The Communities

TL;DR - We want a fun metaverse for everyone and we know one fight style doesn't fit all.

More Systems

A Loot System that’s again, based on Data Tables, so that we can easily modify what different types of enemy NPCs and resources around the world will drop.

A Spawn System to place different gatherable resources and different types of NPCs around the world. For new communities in PixEarth with entirely new visuals and gatherable items and Quest NPCs or Enemy NPCs, this system will let us use your amazing 3D models without having to code for weeks. We could place your least favorite aunt in the center of your community as a piñata for everyone to have fun and get candy. (No aunts have been harmed in the making of these communities)

A Recipe/Crafting System Based on Data Tables so that we can easily design crafting recipes based on other items being spawned or dropped by enemy NPCs in the world. Go to the ends of the world and battle the hardest boss dungeons to obtain a piece of Barbie’s hair and mix it up with Shrek’s cookie man buttons to create the ultimate battle elixir!

A Quest System to easily design the flow of actions in different areas of the world and/or allow player progression. We wanted to allow a different variety of actions throughout the world so we have prepared most MMORPG scenarios available out there (gathering items from the world, killing specific types of enemies, delivering items, getting loot from enemies, escorting a player to a location, defending a player from NPC attacks for a certain amount of time, going to a specific location)- When your least favorite aunt is not being used as a piñata you can escort her through the mountains and disappear when the wolves start attacking!



Exes suck


Real TL;DR

We have a complete Artificial Intelligence System for NPCs and Bosses

Machines Will Take Over

An Artificial Intelligence System for NPCs that allows different interactions

        • Follow and attack within a specific range area. When out of reach, return to the initial spot
        • Patrol an area following a specific path broken down into one or more sections.
        • Patrol an area with random movements and delay movement every x time.
        • Follow and attack when different parts of the player are in the line of sight of the NPC.

An Artificial Intelligence System for World Bosses to create bosses as complex as your girlfriend.

Ain’t that complex? We can guarantee you’ll hate some world bosses as much as much as your worst ex girlfriend.

The ULTIMATE Metaverse

The ultimate metaverse for us is that place you belong to that allows you to freely create assets to express your identity with all the design tools any modern 3D program gives you and then monetize a limited number of them as NFTs in a free marketplace, for your community or everyone in PixEarth.

In order to achieve that we need a modern 3D Design Module that’s easy to use and with tons of starter templates to allow anyone to easily create and customize different equipment or world assets and make them available to everyone.

We also think the ultimate metaverse is FUN and CRAZY and there are tons of activities to take part of, has lots of games to play, events to assist and innovates with experiences.

So in order to allow all of that we need to develop an Experience Innovation Module to easily design events, community games, parkour and obstacle courses, shooter experiences, build stores and sell whatever virtual service or good you think the metaverse needs. Imagine a virtual Cat Cannabis Coffee Concept! If you can think of it, you should do it!



Cat Cannabis Cafe Concept can become a reality.



Oh, and we need a modern 3D Design Module with tons of starter templates and one Experience Innovation Module to do events, games and stores.

An Epic Fantasy

"A survival MMORPG inspired by the anime series Dr. Stone and Attack on Titan, with hints of the games Age of Empires and Conan Exiles."

- Hugo Olivares